The Futures Channel (Other videos available with subscription)

TFC Video Lesson:   Dancing with Geometry (1:59 mins)

TFC Video Lesson:   The Black-footed Ferret (5:29 mins)

TFC Video Lesson:   Landscape Architect (6:56 mins)

TFC Video Lesson:   The Rhythm Track (6:38 mins)

TFC Video Lesson:   The Wind Business (6:32 mins)

TFC Video Lesson:   Designing Stronger Skateboards  (5:57 mins)

TFC Video Lesson:   Rocket Roll Control (1:54 mins)

TFC Video Lesson:   Designing Sunglasses (2:12 mins)

TFC Video Lesson:   Models for Movies (2:36 mins)

TFC Video Lesson:   Calculating the Volume of a Cylinder (2:02 mins)

TFC Video Lesson:   Calculating the Power of the Wind (1:53 mins)

TFC Video Lesson:   Solar Power Photovoltaics (4:36 mins)

TFC Video Lesson:   Project Engineer (3:01 mins)

TFC Video Lesson:   Maria Bualat (2:52 mins)


Organic Chemistry Tutor (Comprehensive Topics)

OCT Video Lesson:  Fractions Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide, Mixed Numbers, Decimals, Percents – Review (42:13 mins)

OCT Video Lesson:  Mixed Numbers – Adding Subtracting Multiplying Dividing Whole Numbers, Decimals & Improper Fractions (58:31 mins)

OCT Video Lesson:  Pre-Algebra Introduction, Basic Overview, Review Lessons, Order of Operations, Exponents, Equations (1:02:30)

OCT Video Lesson:  Algebra 1 Review Study Guide (2:12:09 mins)

OCT Video Lesson:  Algebra 2 Introduction, Basic Review, Factoring, Slope, Absolute Value, Linear, Quadratic Equations (3:59:43)

OCT Video Lesson:  College Algebra Introduction Review – Basic Overview, Study Guide, Examples & Practice Problems (1:16:20)

OCT Video Lesson:  Precalculus Introduction, Basic Overview, Graphing `Parent Functions, Transformations, Domain & Range (59:01 mins)

OCT Video Lesson:  Calculus 1 Introduction, Basic Review, Limits, Continuity, Derivatives, Integration, IB, AP, & AB (2:46:03)

OCT Video Lesson:  Factoring Polynomials – By GCF, Grouping, Substitution, Sum and Difference of Squares (and Completing the Square)  (45:42 mins)

OCT Video Lesson:  Logarithms Rules/Properties, Condense, Expand, Graphing/Solving Equations Introduction (1:23:52)

OCT Video Lesson:  Logarithms Review – Exponential Form – Graphing Functions & Solving Equations – Algebra (1:20:05)