The UMKC School of Education-Charter School Center (“the CSC”) seeks to fulfill its mission:


We are committed to increasing our students’ understanding of Mathematics concepts, thus enabling them  to

  • synthesize their knowledge at increasingly advanced levels.
  • solidify their confidence in their abilities to “do math.”


Technology, teacher collaboration, and increased student engagement, combined, can create a new environment and culture for learning.

The UMKC Math Matters website provides teachers

  • Convenient access to vetted web-based content videos aligned to grade-level specific Missouri Learning Standards
  • Self-directed professional development through advanced notification of mathematics-related events
  • Opportunities to convene with global mathematics professionals through on-line webinars
  • Convenient 24-7 access to an ever-growing library of best-practices for integration across grade levels
  • Exposure to rigorous teaching strategies

for the purposes of building a consistently enhanced base of content knowledge.


Curriculum resources and activities will demonstrate:

  • Fewer topics, generalizing and linking concepts
  • Alignment with strategies of high-achieving math countries
  • Emphasis on both conceptual understanding and procedural fluency starting in the early grades
  • Additional time to teach and reinforce core K-12 math concepts
  • Focus on mastery of complex concepts in higher math via hands-on learning
  • An emphasis on mathematical modeling in upper grade levels


UMKC Charter School Center goals:

  1. Increase in ability of staff members to identify and adopt challenging achievement goals, analyze data, diagnose and determine rationale, then prescribe solutions.
  2. Increase in our students “electing” to take additional math credits upon fulfilling their required credit obligation.
  3. Significant reduction in enrollment of our graduates in remedial math classes at post-secondary institutions, as compared to students not graduating from a UMKC charter school.



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